2012 Award Winners

Congratulations to our 2012 Award Winners!

Congratulations to Ms. Gail Kinsey for being honored as
National Distinguished Principal of 2012!


Ms. Kinsey (center) pictured with: Mr. David M. Foster, President, Board of Education and Dr. Patricia Wright, Superintendent of Public InstructionMs. Kinsey (center) pictured with:
Mr. David M. Foster, President, Board of
Education and Dr. Patricia Wright,
Superintendent of Public Instruction

Comments made by Gail Kinsey:

Ladies and Gentlemen, thank you for this honor.  It is a privilege to represent my colleagues in the Commonwealth.  I remind you that these are the people who have made the commitment to spend their lives in the service of children.  I stand here today for the people who daily insure the safety, welfare, education and happiness of our most precious natural resource, our children.  These folks buy coats for  the kids without, prepare food packets for weekends and vacations when school breakfast and lunch is not available, work with social service agencies to get a family’s electricity and heat turned back on, find a way for a child or family to see a doctor, eat lunch with a student who needs extra attention and TLC and act as a reading buddy or homework helper to someone whose parents struggle with English.  We embrace this work because it is our moral imperative and because it has to happen before and as we move our students into the land of academic rigor.  We all look forward to seeing more released items for SOL and we look forward to our continued work with you as we educate the children of the Commonwealth.  We thank you for the work that you do every day and assure you that we are doing our best to bring learning and joy into the lives of our children.

Additional Award Comments:

Whereas, Gail Kinsey, principal at Fairfax Villa Elementary School in Fairfax County, was recently named by the National Association of Elementary School Principals (NAESP) as Virginia’s 2012 National Distinguished Principal; and WHEREAS, this award honors school principals for their outstanding leadership and their commitment to creating successful learning communities; and WHEREAS, this recognition brings honor to Ms. Kinsey as a professional of the biggest caliber, who employs strong communication skills, is a shining example of a collaborative leader empowering educators, and demonstrates exceptional educational talent through her work with young people in the classroom, and in the school, and in the community; NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED that the members of the Board of Education express to Ms. Kinsey, their sincere congratulations upon her recognition as Virginia’s 2012 National Distinguished Principal and extend their heartfelt appreciation for her devoted service and effective leadership.


Don Lacey Award for Excellence

Dr. Sandra C. Cox
Norview Elementary School


Pathfinder Award

Dr. Morton Sherman, Superintendent
Alexandria City Public Schools


Professional Development Award

Ms. Cheryl R. Jordan
Sherwood Forest Elementary School


Distinguished Service Award

Mr. Leverne Marshall
William M. Bass Elementary School


President’s Service Award

Paul A. Cox
Abingdon Elementary School


School Bell Award

Donna Baer, Paul Munro Elementary School   
Holly Coggin, Hermatage Elementary School 
Terrie Haley, Dearington Elementary School    
Sherry King, Greendale Elementary School 
Lisa Hannah, Three Oaks Elementary School    
Jay Nocco, Lane Elementary School 
Sharon Phillips, Willoughby Elementary School 
Weston Thomas, Floyd Elementary School 
Charles Spivey, Pembroke Meadows Elementary School 
Krista Barton-Arnold, Princess Anne Elementary School 


Presidential Recognition Award

Sarah T. Campbell, Superintendent
Alleghany County Public Schools